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Custom software to meet all your needs

Human support to automate your processes and evolve your team.

Why Shift Group ?

At Shift Group, we pride ourselves on creating tailored IT solutions for our customers. Thanks to our customized software, our customers are transforming into digital companies and are able to expand their operations nationally and internationally.

A human approach

A trusted team that will be able to properly advise you to make the right decisions towards a digital shift.

IT Experts

We are on the lookout for the latest technologies so that your application is best suited to your field.

Accelerate your internal processes

Our powerful and modern software will allow you to automate your processes and limit time loss.

Accessible software

Use our software on the platform of your choice, at all times and safely.

Clients who worked with us said:

Some impressive results!

Improving worker safety while improving productivity.

Limit the production of paper documents as much as possible.

A major time saving !

Real-time test results through a custom app.

Saving time between 15 and 20% of our internal operations!

100% reduction in delivery errors.

Other customers who chose the Shift Group for their projects!

Tailor-made software: A beneficial investment for your business!

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