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Our web programming services

Whether you need advice to modernize your systems or reduce your operating costs, let our team support you and equip you to reap the full benefits of Industry 4.0.


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Our team will analyze your current business process and be able to advise you on the best solution to modernize your existing systems.

Business Process Analysis | Performance Analysis | System Modernization | Decision Support

Web application

Get tailor-made software that allows your team to manage all the processes in your company, with ease.

Our applications are secure and accessible at all times from all your devices (desktop or mobile).

Designed for your reality | For your teams | Safe | Accessible from anywhere | Easy to use | Long-term vision

Web Pipeline

Build bridges between your software, sync data, and automate processes like generating reports or sending emails.

All this is done reliably and safely thanks to our advanced technology.

Reliable | Secure | Advanced Technology | Cloud Storage | Data Synchronization

Maintenance and support

Our team is responsible for maintaining and updating the customer’s system.

All our custom projects have a guarantee.

Our customers also have access to an online support portal that allows them to have technical support, a zone of questions and new requests.

Technical Support | Questions | New Ideas | Accessible | Maintenance and Update | Quick Support

The floor tour application

Increase the engagement of floor employees to increase efficiency with ease.

We have developed a simple, visual, intuitive and fun application to help you optimize your floor tours for continuous improvement of your processes and the quality of your production.

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I would like to plan a development project with you! How does it work?

Rome was not built in one day!

Here are the steps in our software development cycle:

1. Assessing and analysing needs.
We cannot start developing your software without knowing the real needs of our customers. In order to offer them the best solution, we organize a meeting with our analysts and our project manager to understand the essence of their business. Our team analyzes the project requirements and processes that need to be implemented in place and determine the best way to do so.
2. Organization and resource planning
This step involves developing a technical and financial proposal. This is when we plan the necessary resources and a schedule of the various tasks to be performed during the project. Some tasks will be prioritized but as project cycles unfold, client needs may change. Our team is made up of IT professionals and their objectives are to offer quality service and high-performance custom software at a competitive price. They will work with the Project Manager to meet established deadlines while taking into account any additions or changes necessary to carry out the project.
3. Design and architecture
At this stage, our analysts will have to develop the interface of the application that will be developed and present how it will work to the company. This will allow us to ensure that the application design is suitable for users, but also to confirm that the proposed solution meets their needs and processes. Our team relies heavily on the user experience in order to make it easier for employees to take charge and thus minimize the training needs within their organization. Once the proposal is accepted, our technical managers take care of the intuitive design and creation of the software architecture of their custom-made system. The key is communication, we work together to deliver the best results.
4. Development and implementation
This is the time to take action, this is where the expertise of our programmers comes in to create the perfect software for the company. Since Industry 4.0 is constantly evolving, we offer our employees a certain budget in order to train on new technologies and we are in the design of a training schedule where our technical leaders and certain experts will be able to do learning midis in order to offer a quality service constant for our customers and improve our productivity.
5. Testing phase
Once the software is developed, our Quality Assurance Officer performs the necessary manual and automatic tests. It covers the entire application from code to design. We pay particular attention to the details and quality of the code. We follow a rigorous process to validate that the code is optimal and meets the standards of the industry. Everything is carefully examined to ensure that everything is working as it should and to ensure the success of the project.
6. Deployment
With each deployment, the client will be able to see the progress of the project and provide feedback to our team. It is important to understand that the first version will not be perfect or complete, but it will allow us to quickly take advantage of the work we have done and adjust the application for future versions. It is often during this stage that our customers start to have a multitude of ideas and new features to add. All comments are considered and will be prioritized to continue to focus our efforts on your critical features identified during the analysis. Non-essential features will be pushed to a later phase to limit budget impacts and ensure the project remains a success!
7. Maintenance and support
Once the project is complete, our team will maintain and update the customer’s system. All our custom software development projects have a guarantee. Our customers also have access to an online support portal. This portal allows them to have technical support, an area for questions about licensing and invoicing, as well as an area where they can query again for new features or improvements to their software.

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