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An application for a butcher shop? | The story of Boucherie Côté

Discover the brand new management application at Boucherie Côté in Ste-Eulalie!

Discover the brand new management application at Boucherie Côté in Ste-Eulalie!

Oh yes – even the butcher shops have to manage and let me tell you that there is a lot of paperwork! When the Boucherie A. Côté explained his business processes in detail, we were amazed to learn the amount of paperwork that was necessary for its proper operation.

The poor trees…

Indeed, the cutting of meat in a butcher’s shop in Quebec requires producing four paper documents. And after the meat is sold, the butcher will have to keep these documents in order to be able to answer any the third party requests for information.

For example, if in a butcher shop 50 animals are processed on average per week, for each of animal four documents are produced. At the end of a year, you will have amassed more than 10,400 paper documents which you will then have to keep over a period of 5 years. Start writing cheques because all this paper will cost you dearly in IKEA filing cabinets!

The need to save this information in an application simply becomes unavoidable.

A fully customized application

The solution we proposed to our client allows him to limit the production of paper documents as much as possible and allows him to generate two digital reports which must be sent to the various governmental agencies (like PorcTrace and SimpliTrace) via the internet.

Now, when a customer calls, I can give him information right awaywith only a few clicks. Previously, I had to put the customer on hold before retrieving the desired information in the paper workbook.

— Johanne, secretary at Boucherie A. Côté


  • This is a web application, so it does not have to be installed on the local computer. If the client must update its computer equipment, the company will be able to purchase tablets, PC computers or even Apple products without headaches since…
  • The app is accessible from any device, at any time! Whether from a cell phone or from a desktop computer, employees are able to access all its features.
  • It is connected to a microchip reader to identify animals that are entering the butcher shop. This speeds up the reception process.
  • It takes care of weighing the product automatically so that employees can do their jobs faster.
  • Technical support is offered for free so that the client can fully enjoy his investment without worry.

Our Team

From left to right: Jean-François (programmer-analyst), Mathieu Côté (owner of Boucherie A. Côté) and Yannick Paradis (project manager).

In fact, the application is so beneficial to our customer that we decided to make it a full product. We are confident that our product will help other butchers in Quebec save time and money by getting them into the era of The Industry 4.0.

— Francis Rondeau, our president

About Boucherie A. Côté

Boucherie A. Côté is a destination of choice for the residents of Ste-Eulalie and the surrounding area. It specializes in cutting meat, selling specialty products and has a certified and inspected slaughterhouse. If you have the chance to discover their variety of products, you will not be disappointed!

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