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An application at the core of Olimag

With the recent release of a web platform for a client, let’s take a step back and analyze what was done.

With the recent release of a web platform for a client, let’s take a step back and analyze what was done.

When Olimag reached out to us to help them enhance their technological abilities, we were thrilled to be part of their plan to success. Olimag was acquiring a particle size and shape analyser and contacted us to build a software solution able to monitor and capture the machine’s test results.

A Web-Based Solution

First, we knew this would be a web-based project since they wanted to be able to easily view the machine’s results on any computer in the company’s network. We got in contact with the people at Microtrac, the analyser manufacturers, to learn more about the analyser and its software counterpart. Since Olimag did not have the machine yet, we needed to proceed with development in a cautious way. Technical specifications were gathered and we then proceeded with the creation of a web-based platform to satisfy the requirements of the customer.

Less Paper & Quicker Access to Information!

The final web-based platform allows any computer at Olimag’s facility to access the sample test results live as they are generated by the particle analyser. Employees no longer need to write down the test results on paper, compare them with the tolerances manually, then deliver the results by hand to management. This process is now automatic: the employee runs a sample through the particle analyser and results are automatically compared to pre-defined tolerances set up by sample type in our system. The results are quickly available for an employee to view. Alerts can also be set up by managers when results fall outside the specified tolerances.

A Fully Customized Application

From the initial steps in the development of the software to the release of this application, we built everything from the ground up. Ideas and concepts were exchanged between the IT managers at Olimag and our analysts here at Shift. Final features were determined and implemented into the software solution, which is completely custom. This type of personalized solution is always best when the requirements of the customer are very specific.

The Team

From left to right: Enrico Guerard (Responsible for IT at Olimag), Jean-François (Analyst-Programmer)