Case study | BOUCHERIE Côté

Production management system

3 to 5 hours

saving time per week

Fast software integration

Reduce errors

Software adapted to their specific needs

Project summary

The main objective of the project was to collect and archive data while ensuring traceability through the use of RFID tags. In addition, the project included the creation of specific reports required by the sector authorities.

Strong relationships were established and the Shift Group team was responsive to questions and needs. This mutual trust made it possible to design a tailor-made solution perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the Boucherie

The results were quickly noticeable, from the first month of implementation. The data was processed and organised efficiently, saving between 3 and 5 working hours per week. This efficiency was made possible by the use of custom software developed by the Shift Group, which proved to be the most appropriate option. This tailor-made approach was essential, as each butcher is unique with different needs, which made it possible to achieve the objectives according to the specific methods of each establishment.

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Key client elements and issues

In an increasingly complex business world, choosing a supplier wisely and creating a strong relationship of trust are fundamental pillars for the success of a company. This is particularly true when addressing the issue of internal information sharing.

The situation at Boucherie Côté was delicate: the vital information for their operations was managed by several internal actors, which regularly led to transcription and communication errors. In addition, the presence of older members on the team created some reluctance to change. However, the simplicity of the chosen solution allowed for quick and effective implementation, leading to almost immediate positive results. This reminds us of the crucial importance of choosing the right supplier, building trust, and fostering a smooth transition to maximize success in an ever-changing environment.

Client testimonial

The experience went very well. We had a trusted person within the Shift Group team. We made good connections and whenever we had questions, they were there for us. That’s what made it possible to create something that fits our needs.

Mathieu Côté, Co-owner


By automating essential tasks such as inventory management, production planning and order management, this software improves daily operations by ensuring accurate tracking of stock levels, avoiding overstocks or shortages, and facilitating production planning based on actual demand. In addition, it provides real-time visibility into performance, allowing the team to quickly make informed decisions. Ultimately, this customized solution allows the butcher to save time, reduce operational costs while ensuring the freshness of the products, thus offering an improved service to its customers.

The transition to tailor-made production management software proved smooth despite the initial scepticism of older employees about change. Thanks to effective and targeted training, our team quickly mastered the tool in just a few weeks. The positive results were evident from the first month of use, with a noticeable improvement in the efficiency of operations. This experience demonstrates that the adoption of new technologies can be successful, even within a team with long-established work habits, and that the benefits of custom production management software are tangible and immediate.

Production management software is essential to reduce errors through instant data processing and organization. By eliminating the need to manually re-enter information, it reduces the risk of human error, while ensuring clearer communication within the company. Data is accessible in real time, allowing the team to work with accurate and up-to-date information, avoiding confusion and misunderstandings. Ultimately, such software improves the accuracy, reliability and efficiency of production management operations.

The importance of customized production management software lies in its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each butcher shop, because each company is unique. In their case, the need to manage both the slaughterhouse and the retail trade meant that a generic solution was not enough. The customized software was designed to take into account their specific processes and working methods, which allowed them to achieve their goals effectively. By considering their way of doing things, the software not only simplified their operations, but also helped to optimize their productivity and ensure transparent management of their entire business.

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