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Custom Software and Apps for Business

Shift is a software company. We specialize in software products such as web applications and web gateways to connect your software with each other.

Whether you need software developers from a software company with years of experience to design your tools or to assist you with technical support, and whether you are a small business or a group of self-employed people who want to benefit from a management solution, you can count on us. 

Enjoy a Human-Sized Software Company

Our software company remains small in size. That doesn’t stop us from successfully tackling big challenges with our software solutions using the latest technologies and delivered in a timely manner. Every software designer on our team knows the business and the industry inside and out, which gives us an edge over the competition. You can trust Shift’s software to help you grow and outperform your competition!

A Wide Range of Software Designed for Your Reality

Trust Shift’s integrated solutions. Our software company can help you get the software you want to help your business move forward and get more done. Whether you need software to make payments easier for your business customers or management software for your accounting, we can help you grow. Benefit from increased sales with Shift’s software.

Increase Your Revenue with Shift

Using our custom-made software, you will be able to collect data according to specific criteria and be able to guarantee a high level of satisfaction for your customers. Your prospects and potential customers will be transformed into real sales.

Secure Software Accessible from Anywhere

At Shift, one of our strengths is our ability to create software that is both secure and accessible from anywhere. Whether it’s for payments, accounting, reporting, transmittal or costing software, all your data will be securely incorporated into the software. And if you’re away from your work machine, you can access your software and accounts receivable seamlessly from a mobile device.

Easy to Use

Our main concern at Shift is to make our software easy to use for everyone. This way you can focus on your strategic acquisition or customer acquisition strategy with Shift without wasting time trying to figure out how the software we’ve designed for you works. You can also focus on the creative side of things thanks to the simplicity of our web applications. Stay ahead of the game with Shift and increase your revenues and sales. 


Foires aux questions

We mainly develop web applications and web gateways so that our web applications communicate with each other. Even if some of them are compatible with cell phones, it is not really a mobile application as such. Our IT development agency is not specialized in the creation of a mobile app.

We usually have an initial meeting with the client to make sure we understand their software development needs. Then, during the design phase, we make sure we understand the client’s wishes while indicating our web skills and the lines that should not be crossed.

This way, we are all on the same page and can implement the best digital strategy for our clients. The final step in our app development strategy is to ensure that the app or gateway developed actually meets the client’s expectations. 

We prefer not to post prices on our website because each client has particular and specific needs, whether it be software deployment, design, client expectations or of course budget. 

You can get a quote from us by phone, email or via our quote request form (which we recommend). We will provide a quote that meets your needs. We also offer flexible payment options for all.

Gemba or gemba walk (use a hard “G” for the pronunciation of “Gemba Walk”) is a Japanese term that means “the real place” or “the place where value is created.” It basically refers to where your team does most of the work (where the real work happens). For example, for manufacturers, the “gemba” is the factory. At Shift, we are leading the way in digitizing processes and are believers in increasing digitization. That’s why we have digitized this Gemba-Walk concept and applied it to our team of developers.

Companies use software development firms to design, develop and maintain software applications and components.

To understand more about what a software company is, let’s take a closer look. Development is the process of specification, understanding, design, documentation, maintenance, testing and correction of applications.

Software development companies put everything in place. This integration includes everything from the idea of the software to its final realization and marketing. Each software vendor has its own research plan that includes prototype development, modification and reengineering, maintenance, etc.

Each company has its own style, engagement model and workflow for each client. Before you begin your project, it’s a good idea to understand what a software company does.

Software application developers create and design software apps. Developers may focus on a particular programming language or app with massive networks of underlying software or systems that help them manage and supply other programs.

Different software companies have different working styles; however, the core process of software development is similar.

Needs Assessment

First, a software company needs to understand the importance of the software it will need to create. In order to do this, the software company’s developers will conduct various physical and online sessions with the customer to answer the following questions: 

  • What do they want in terms of software?
  • What features are required?
  • What type of users will use the software?
  • What is the impact of the software on the users?
  • What makes this software so important to the customer?

Software Deployment

The next step for our company will be to start working on the software that we believe will meet the needs of our users. Companies have the opportunity to sell their products on multiple platforms, including desktop solutions, mobile applications, software-as-a-service (SaaS), etc.

Quality Control

All software companies have their own way of working. Some follow an agile methodology, while others may use a waterfall or prototype mode. The company uses a proof-of-concept (POC) model and tests it, which is part of its development process. Some companies do not follow a specific methodology when testing their products.

In any case, the software company follows the methodology that is appropriate for them. After completing the development phase, each software company must test the product and make sure that it works both accurately and meets the customer’s expectations. In addition, developers are always open to feedback in order to identify defects as quickly as possible and then fix them.

Release and Maintenance

Software maintenance is an ongoing process and we offer support to ensure that your software is working properly.

Most software development companies follow this basic process, but some companies learn about the different steps that make up the process and make it seem less complicated for each client.

Our software development company creates custom software solutions for our clients. They have expertise in a range of industries and businesses and have an understanding of what it takes for consumers to succeed.