Case Study | Aubin Pélissier

A prospecting and submission tool

15 à 20 %

Saving time from internal operations

Quick integration with employees

Increased flexibility and control of project costs

Software adapted to their specific needs

Project summary

Shift Group has designed a customized software for Aubin Pélissier, expert in refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and heating services. This system ensured seamless integration with employees, offering a user-friendly and simplified application. In addition to providing increased project cost control and operational flexibility, the software has enabled estimated efficiencies of 15-20% on internal operations. 

With a new multi-function web portal, this solution has emerged thanks to a close collaboration between the Shift Group, Aubin Pélissier and an expert in business processes, Richard Tesser, who brought an integrated transformative vision to the organization, thus enriching the teamwork between all the stakeholders involved.

Aubin Pélissier

Industrial sector

3605 rue Bellefeuille

Trois-Rivières, Québec

G9A 5Z6

Key client elements and issues

Aubin Pélissier had critical needs to modernize his operations, including the need to eliminate reliance on Excel files and minimize manual data entry. With a diversified business between commercial and residential, the challenge lay in the efficient management of the bidding processes, requiring a suitable solution for both segments. 

The importance of finding a local supplier was also paramount to ensure immediate support and understanding of the specifics of the market. Integrating Ogasys software to optimize project management and improve operational performance was a major challenge. Finally, the demand for a tailor-made web application, perfectly adapted to the specific needs of Aubin Pélissier, was at the heart of the challenges to streamline their daily operations.


The implementation of a web application adapted to our needs, developed in addition with a local company, allows us flexibility and increased control of our project costs. The software developed by the Shift Group team allows us to save between 15 and 20% of our internal operations! With the improvements coming in the coming months, our productivity will be greatly improved.

Dominic Carignan, Sales manager

The results

Our customized solution enabled optimization of internal processes, significantly reducing the time required for various tasks. Adaptive functionality and data centralization have streamlined their workflows, freeing up valuable resources to focus on more strategic aspects of their business.

Its user-friendly and intuitive interface has facilitated adoption by all staff, significantly reducing the time required to get started and accelerating the transition to these new tools. This ease of use quickly conquered all users, limiting interruptions in daily operations while optimizing efficiency from the implementation of the solution.

Our customized software has enabled agile adaptation to the different needs and specificities of projects, thus offering flexible management of resources and expenses. The centralization of data and ease of access allowed accurate tracking of costs, giving the company greater visibility into the budgets allocated to each project. This flexibility has helped to optimize resource allocation and minimize overspending, thereby strengthening cost containment across the business.

Working closely with the Aubin Pelissier team, our solution has been tailored to meet the unique operational challenges of their industry. This tailor-made adaptation made it possible to integrate specific functionalities necessary to their business processes, offering a smooth and efficient user experience. Taking into account their specific requirements, the software was configured to optimize their operations, thus improving the management of their activities and allowing them to maximize their growth potential.

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