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Optimize schedule management with custom software compliant with collective agreements

Automate scheduling with custom software that respects collective agreements. Discover how in our blog!

As a company, you know how important it is to respect collective agreements . However, scheduling can be complex, with little or no standardized solutions adapted to the diversity of corporate agreements. Fortunately, custom software offers reliable solutions to meet these specific needs.

The 3 big challenges in business

1. Complexity of the Rules 

Collective agreements are often the result of negotiations between employee representatives and employers. They contain a multitude of specific clauses and conditions for each sector and company. These rules may cover various aspects such as work schedules, breaks, paid leave, allowances, and much more. Keeping track of these requirements, especially when they differ between sectors and agreements, can become a major challenge for human resource managers. The slightest miscalculation or management error can lead to payroll errors, conflicts with employees and even fines for non-compliance.

2. Litigation Avoidance 

Non-compliance with the rules set out in collective agreements can have disastrous consequences for a company. In addition to potential disputes with workers or unions, this can also result in government fines and a bad company reputation. Disputes related to hours of work, unpaid or miscalculated overtime, leave not granted in accordance with agreements can result in significant financial expenses and disrupt organizational stability. By ensuring accurate and compliant management, companies can avoid these costly disputes and maintain good relations with their staff.

3. Impacted Productivity 

Inefficient scheduling can have a direct impact on business productivity. Delays, unplanned absences and scheduling conflicts can result in underutilization of human and material resources. In addition, inadequate planning can lead to situations where some employees are overworked while others are underutilized, which can affect motivation and job satisfaction. Excessive overtime, often resulting from poor scheduling, can also negatively affect the health and well-being of employees, as well as the operational costs of the company. By taking a precise and effective approach to scheduling, companies can maximize the use of their resources and improve overall productivity.

Solutions with custom software

What we see in our customers – Francis Demers, project manager for Shift Group

“Our applications allow managers to incorporate all the rules and conditions included in their collective agreement into the calculation of employees’ cumulative hours of work. This eliminates almost all human errors related to scheduling. In most unionized companies, these results translate into significant savings for the employer and also a fairly rapid return on their investment.”




Our customized software is specifically designed to fit your business. They incorporate the specifics of your collective agreements, ensuring perfect compliance at every step. No need to juggle generic solutions that do not meet your unique needs. With our personalized approach, you can be sure that your schedules are perfectly aligned with the requirements of your conventions, saving you valuable time and energy.

Intelligent automation

Imagine a scheduling process that works autonomously, taking into account each complex rule in your collective agreements. This is exactly what our intelligent automation offers. Taking the finer details into account, our system reduces human error and eliminates the risk of potential litigation. You can focus on other aspects of your business with confidence, knowing that your schedules are managed accurately and efficiently.

Accurate monitoring and analysis

With our solutions, time tracking becomes a breeze. With detailed reports, you get a complete view of time usage, overtime and compliance with collective agreements. This data allows you to make informed decisions to optimize your operations. Identify trends, adjust schedules and maximize business efficiency with accurate, real-time analysis.







At Shift Group, we understand the challenges you face. As industry-specific software development experts, We can create a customized solution that precisely meets your needs. Free yourself from the hassle of scheduling and focus on what really matters: the well-being of your employees and the growth of your business.

Ready to take the step towards simplified and convention-compliant scheduling? Contact us today to find out how we can help you optimize your operations.

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