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Labour shortage?

Optimize your processes!

Optimize your processes!

A major labour shortage has hit many companies for several years. As the current pandemic is not helping entrepreneurs find skilled workers, have you thought about optimizing your processes? Migrating to digital solutions could save you a lot of time and money!

Let’s start with some math, just to put you in context.


Imagine that 5 people “lose” an hour a day looking for the information they need for their work. Whether to copy certain information into an Excel file, make calculations, carry out and update the inventory, compile paper reports, send follow-up emails, standardize two systems that do not communicate together, enter invoices, make timesheets, write quotes, place orders, etc. Are you out of breath? So do we! Not very hard to imagine, since this is the reality within many companies.

Now, let’s add a rate that costs $40 per hour for these people (including insurance and all other employer fees). That is not so bad, since we are talking about $200 a day for an hour of work, so about $1,000 a week, assuming that the company is open 5 days a week. We must realize that these tasks come back every week, to always have the information up to date. Instead, it is $1,000 multiplied by 52 weeks per year for a total of $52,000. A total of 13% of “lost” time could become a “gain.”

Here is a little chart that speaks for itself:

The question here in the math equation is, why wouldn’t I spend $60,000 on software when it’s even more affordable to do it the way I do now? Because you have to think bigger, you have to step back and see the “Big Picture” to realize that it’s not just one person who has to do all these things. It is both the administrative assistant, the accountant, the plant manager or managers, the person in HR, some employees, often even the president of the company or the members of the board of directors (ah it’s famous Power Point!). Finally, we quickly realize that the $52,000 initially anticipated often turns into $100,000 or $200,000 in some cases. It’s hard to know how many minutes or 15 minutes you lose in a day. It goes so fast! But do the test for a week and think about what could be done at home to maximize your operations!

Optimize your processes with trusted allies

Are you aware of software programs like our organizational culture and our working methodologies make us trusted allies. A digital transition can be scary at first, but we are here to support you every step of the way. Our products and services really help our customers perform better.

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