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A 3rd place for Alpha! ?

A return on the participation of students from Shawinigan College at the intercollegiate video game creation center in Valleyfield

A return on the participation of students from Shawinigan College at the intercollegiate video game creation center in Valleyfield

The intercollegiate of video game creation

Valleyfield – The annual Game Jam organized by the Collège de Valleyfield invites students from all over Quebec to come and design a video game in less than 40 consecutive hours. Every year a different theme is given to the participants. This year, the event welcomed more than 15 teams and the chosen theme was: The hostel.

In 2017, we sponsored the participation of a team from Shawinigan College. In 2018, we announced in December that we are, once again, offering financial support to Shawinigan College, but this year sponsoring two teams!

Alpha Enigmatiks

From left to right: Andréanne Viau, Dominick Viau-Bissonnette and Stéphane Bissonnette

The Alpha team made a captivating first person shooter game demonstrating phenomenal dedication to the competition’s theme. The musical talents of Dominick and the artistic direction of Andréanne and Stéphane combined to create a game that caught the jury’s eye gaining them a third place finish.

The project is an admirable example of the combination of various creative passions and computer science in order to obtain a professional and succcessful outcome.

Beta Enigmatiks

From left to right : Etienne Déziel, Gabriel Pedneault and Antoine Hébert

The Beta team designed an impressive scrolling game. The game has a ton of graphical elements like “pixel art” drawn by Etienne. His two teammates tackled the development of the mechanics surrounding the control of the character and its balance and the generation of the saloon that scrolls indefinitely.

Easier done than said!


Discover “Bang Bang Time” made by the Alpha team and “O’Patrick Inn” by the Beta team

Game Jam Benefits

During this type of event participants need to apply their talents in a variety of areas that all reflect the reality of the job market. IT is constantly evolving, forcing developers to adapt quickly and be comfortable using a variety of tools.

It is by encouraging students to be curious and learn independently that we show them what is possible to achieve in software development. While for some software development might be a job, for others it is a passion!

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