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We are experts in project management for IT systems and we can assess the quality and security of your actual IT systems for you.

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How Shift IT Consultant

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Business Process Analysis (or BPA) is a methodology used to analyze a business operation to understand its processes and improve its efficiency. It describes the processes, the people involved, the information shared, and the documents created through data analysis and business operations analysis. 

Large companies often use business process analysis (BPA) in a variety of consulting, management and implementation services. Trade facilitation projects assist both private and public sectors.

Benefits of GAP for IT Consultants in Canada

Business Process Analysis (BPA) Helps to Achieve the Following Goals:

  1. Document implicit knowledge, capture and record manual and sometimes undocumented processes such as process manuals for the private and public sectors.
  2. Analyze all actions and documents involved in international trade, including commercial, transportation, regulatory and financial procedures.
  3. Identify opportunities for improvement, such as reducing the volume of business documents and limiting the need for data.

In IT, performance analysis refers to an analysis that measures the overall performance of an IT system. This means that IT consultants analyze the app and especially its performance. 

Usually, the measurement of the response time is the most common action performed to evaluate the performance of a system. It considers the different users who use this system at the same time. Thus, allowing the computer system to be validated and guarantee its quality. 

When it comes to Shift’s web applications, performance related analyses exist and they are limited to their own characteristics. When developing an app, it is vital to proceed to a validation of the IT projects and of the application. Thus, the performance analysis must be done very quickly in order to allow a number of users of the app to use it as soon as possible without any bugs or errors.

Why Upgrade Your Company’s IT System?

Many times, we hear speeches about the importance of upgrading a computer system, whether for personal or business use. It feels essential, but do we know why? It’s very simple, IT is constantly evolving and the upgrade of just one of the components of an IT system can very quickly result in improved performance, higher IT security or higher level of efficiency in the overall operation of that particular system and then increase the average annual revenue.

It is recommended that every IT information system be updated annually. Some software updates require multiple updates before they are successful, while others require only one software download and no further action is required.

How Do You Know If Your System Is Obsolete?

There are certain signs that may suggest that it is time to upgrade your systems. The most common warning sign is the large amount of software that is designed for older platforms. Another indicator is the number of systems that are based on old programming languages, such as Java or COBOL.

The majority of software apps can only be enhanced by upgrades. Upgrades not only improve the compatibility but also the stability of applications. Outdated software applications are also less efficient. They use more system resources, preventing you from performing other tasks at the same time, and also take up more space on your hard drive.

Cela signifie, en résumé, que le logiciel expire, la durée de vie des logiciels n’étant pas infinie, et fait place à un meilleur logiciel. De ce fait, le mode de fonctionnement que nous connaissons alors appartiendra au passé. 

This is important in terms of security, as an outdated system becomes vulnerable and unsafe. Whereas, thanks to the latest updates, the company’s databases remain safe and secure while being unbreakable, which is of utmost importance for the company’s proper functioning and the security of the IT system.

This is where the IT security consultant comes in and is able to find the flaws but more importantly to fix them to prevent unwanted users from taking your data hostage and demanding a ransom for example.

If you are looking to perform maintenance on your IT system, at Shift, we are experts in computer systems administration and IT systems analysis. Our IT systems technician will be able to solve any system problems your organization may be experiencing.

How to make the best decision? Decision tools provide some methodological support. But you need to know how to use these tools wisely. 

The first thing to do when making a decision about which option to choose is to trust your intuition. It is easy to trust your feelings, but they are not always reliable. There are many tools to help you make decisions.

There are three main types of analysis: analysis of a problem (to understand why something happened), research into the cause(s) of the problem (to find out what caused it) and research into possible solutions (to see if there are ways to solve it). Most of them are also used for problem solving, because making a decision involves positioning oneself in relation to an issue: understanding the context of an issue, identifying all the data and finally choosing the best solution.

Like every software company, we stand behind the quality of the software we provide. Each of our web applications, web gateways and so on is the result of dozens and dozens of hours of hard work from our team of designers specialized in software engineering. 

A secure web gateway is an Internet security solution that analyzes web traffic, monitors web requests, compares them to defined policies, filters malicious traffic and blocks it before it reaches its target site.

A secure web gateway, which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, lies between users and the Internet. It allows them to block malicious applications and prevents access to websites known to have dangerous content. It prevents unsecured traffic (such as HTTP) from accessing the network, protecting users from traffic infections (such as viruses), websites and other malware. A secure web gateway ensures compliance with corporate policies and regulatory frameworks.

A secure web gateway must have at least the following features:

  • URL filtering;
  • Malicious code detection and filtering;
  • Controls for popular web apps such as Skype and Zoom;
  • Native or built-in data loss prevention;

You can count on Shift’s consultants, each with years of experience in computer programming and related fields, to provide you with the best web gateways made in Canada in the last few years. 

What Are the Responsibilities of an IT Consultant?

Our primary goal as an IT consultant is to help you navigate the software maze. We offer independent reviews as well as backup plans with an IT solution architect if you get stuck in a bad situation. Here are our other computer engineering assignments: 

  • Assess the client’s expectations and needs according to the terms of the contract and maintain communication
  • Analyze existing IT systems
  • Study possible solutions and relevant software products with the technical department
  • Submit and recommend solutions to the client
  • Accompany the company during the integration of new IT systems