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Our Company Culture

The importance of company culture

The importance of company culture

It is hard to get a single definition of company or organizational culture as it is something that is lived daily inside a company. We could say that it simply represents the lifestyle of a company. Organizational culture is the sum of a company’s values and ways of thinking and doing shared across a company. These together define a company, give it its identity and make it unique from other companies.

At Shift, our organizational culture is motivated and guided by a shared goal, founded on the trust of our peers.

The importance of trusting your employees

For your employees to be more efficient and productive, you must take into account their needs. Offer them flexibility. Telecommuting has become common, for example. At our startup we allow our employees to work remotely. We want them to feel free to work, efficiently, from whatever location suits them best.

Seek your employees’ advice

Keep an open mind. Be willing to listen and take feedback from your employees in order to improve your services and products. Your employees’ opinions are key to both measuring job satisfaction and reaching your business goals.

Keep an open dialogue with your employees

An annual meeting is not enough to maintain good communication with your employees. Communicate often and be transparent. At Shift, every three months we hold a meeting called “How are you doing?” We meet with each employee to find out how they are doing in their personal and professional life.

Bet on satisfied employees

Create a pleasant and harmonious work environment. Be generous and attentive to your employees’ needs. Satisfied employees feel a sense of ownership over the company, becoming passionate and motivated to see it grow. It is by choosing to bet on their well-being at work that your company will succeed. Here at Shift, our employees can come to work with their four-legged companions and take a break to play video games. We provide coffee and breakfast, computers, ergonomic offices and outdoor activities.

To sum up, organizational culture is important since we spend most of our day at work. If you’re not happy at work, even if we like the work itself, the workdays will feel long and dull. Your happiness and productivity will suffer. Everyone wins when you feel well and satisfied. A strong organizational culture inspires and motivates. It gives a sense of purpose. It contributes to attracting strong job candidates, who will be a good fit and stay with the company for the long term.