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3 IT myths

With the passage of time, stereotypes and myths have skewed perceptions of software development.

With the passage of time, stereotypes and myths have skewed perceptions of software development.

It can be hard today to separate fact from fiction when it comes to information technology. Just as it is undeniable that information technology is now an integral part of our private and professional lives, so most people rely on preconceived notions to form their opinions of the field. I present here three examples of popular IT myths that need to be demystified.

1. It is impossible to find work in the IT field without any prior experience.

False.  Of course, having two to three years of relevant experience increases your chances of finding employment, but we shouldn’t forget that everyone got their start somewhere. So don’t hesitate to send your resume to companies that interest you. And remember that today a large number of companies focus on training employees internally. Faced with labour shortages in the field, companies are again hiring candidates with less experience.

2. We speak French in Quebec so we don’t need to learn English to work in IT.

False. English is the basis of all programming languages. Most user guides and manuals are written in English and it is the language of business with our colleagues in other countries. Moreso, the conferences and webinars that allow you to expand your knowledge will be presented in English. In other words, English is the working language of the sector.

3. Jobs in IT are boring and for “nerds”.

False. The “geek” stereotype is outdated. A lot of technology jobs are hyper-specialized and attract detail-oriented people. And it’s just as well because we need experts who like the work for what it is. But this is just one facet of today’s technology careers. A lot of today’s careers require a combination of proficiencies from numerous technical fields. Others are focused principally on understanding and managing organizations that rely on advanced technology to reach their goals.

Last, some in the sector are creative entrepreneurs that seek to turn a profit from their technology company. There is still a lot of room for “nerds” and all the better for it! But it is equally possible to have a remarkable career in technology drawing inspiration from all kinds of other passions.

In conclusion, with the passage of time, the common view of IT has been skewed by several stereotypes and myths. No one is to blame for this state of affairs as the field is so large that simple explanations will not suffice. To learn more, be sure not to miss my future articles! And don’t sweat it. When I first started out there was much that I didn’t know either. But as I learned more about software application development, I quickly realized it could be very beneficial to many and all types of companies. For this reason I will try to demystify its mysteries in articles to come!

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