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The Industry 4.0 is not just a fad or a buzzword

More efficient production in synergy with ever-changing markets, that’s why the 4.0 industry is becoming essential.

More efficient production in synergy with ever-changing markets, that’s why the 4.0 industry is becoming essential.

Technology is often a difficult subject to simplify. Most of the time, to talk about new trends and generate interest, words or “cool” expressions are put forward. Just think of Web 2.0Big Data, the famous “cloud” or cloud technology, and many more. Short and punchy expressions sell well. These expressions are then launched to the left and right on social networks, magazines, and conferences. But their lack of a clear explanation distorts them and most of the time entrepreneurs prefer to be wary and often do not take these new concepts seriously.

By the time companies come to realize the importance of the phenomenon beyond the buzz, many end up following the bandwagon a bit too late. They realize the competition is ahead and must then work hard to make up for this late start.

The Industry 4.0 concept is suffering a similar fate and it would be a serious mistake not to take this phenomenon seriously. It is very real and concerns every company, big as well as small.

Industry 4.0, why is it important?

If the third industrial revolution relied on automation through the arrival of robots and computers, the fourth industrial revolution brings together a panoply of different technologies to transform the way businesses work. It creates highly efficient and autonomous technological ecosystems that significantly reduce production costs and management time. These new technologies also make industries more flexible to adapt much more easily to the changing demands of their customers.

A production process that is more efficient and more in synergy with ever-changing markets: this is why a 4.0 industry becomes indispensable.

Where to start ?

Wanting to transport your business into the world of the 4.0 industry does not mean that you have to go head first and turn all your current processes upside down. Everything in its own time. The first step, wanting to undertake this transformation, gives you a head start on your competitors and that’s great. Another interesting action to take would be to consult a BDC study which describes very clearly what you need to know about the Industry 4.0 and what you need to plan for these changes.

The Shift team will be posting in the coming weeks and months content and how-to guides to help you plan and implement a game plan for your small or medium-sized business. Plunge easily into the 4th industrial revolution to reap all the benefits.

If you’re interested ahead of our publications, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you now!