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Groupe Shift celebrates its 5th anniversary!

A strong team and the popularity of 4.0 technology allow the growth of the Bécancour business!

A strong team and the popularity of 4.0 technology allow the growth of the Bécancour business!

Bécancour, September 2, 2022 – Five years ago, three visionaries, Messrs. Francis Rondeau, Yannick Paradis and Yannick Rondeau, decided to create Groupe Shift, a small company specializing in web application development. This is the first firm in 4.0 technology for the city of Bécancour. A very daring decision since today, many companies are embarking on the wave of the digital shift.

On the photo, the three founders : Yannick Rondeau, Francis Rondeau and Yannick Paradis.
Photo credit : Maxim Carbonneau.

Victim of its success and despite the pandemic that has affected many companies, the Shift Group is doing well and experiencing significant growth. In fact, during the past year, it doubled its number of employees and launched a new floor inspection application, Gemba-Walk, which allows companies to observe their problems in real time and to correct them.

“We have taken an important step within the company and we had to restructure our management methods in order to better coordinate our new projects. Gemba-Walk is an innovative floor tour application, which will allow leaders or managers to have a better overview of what is happening in their organization and to optimize their process. We are very proud of the work accomplished by our team and the great collaboration of our partners in this project,” says Mr. Yannick Rondeau, Vice-President and Technology Manager of Groupe Shift.

Moreover, the 4.0 firm believes that the key to their success comes from their great confidence in their employees, their involvement and the friendly atmosphere that reigns there. It is their method of human resources management that won the honors at the Gala inc. organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cœur-du-Québec last December.

“We leave a lot of room for our employees to communicate their ideas, whether at the level of our projects or in the corporate structure. We make sure they feel good about their role, offer them interesting benefits and good recognition. This allows us to have excellent employee retention, in addition to having a dedicated and involved team,” said Mr. Yannick Paradis, Vice-President and Business Analyst.

Finally, the Shift Group took advantage of the celebrations surrounding the 5th anniversary to organize a summer day with outdoor games, singer, food truck and other surprises for its employees, their families, their customers and their partners.

“It was the perfect time to highlight the contribution of our employees, our collaborators and the trust of our customers in this great adventure that has been going on for 5 years now. This is a great accomplishment and we are ready to meet the new challenges that await us,” rejoices Mr. Francis Rondeau, President and Head of Sales at Groupe Shift.

On the photo, the Shift team at the 5th anniversary. Photo credit : Maxim Carbonneau.
Up : Steven Dubois, Guillaume Roberge, Francis Demers, Francis Rondeau, Yannick Paradis and Gabrièla Bédard. Down : Alexandre Granger, Jean-François Guay, Yannick Rondeau and Loïc Pouget.
Absent : Samuel Bergeron, Chad Gauthier and Myriam St-Louis.

About Shift Group

Groupe Shift was founded by a group of computer technology professionals specializing in web development, mainly for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Located in Bécancour in the Centre-du-Québec region, the company’s mission is to provide businesses, large and small, with the means to achieve their ambitions. With our expertise in technology and process management, we are more than technicians. We are your allies for efficiency!

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