The future of bidding

Nothing can stop the imagination! And we have recently discovered a new way to respond to requests for proposals (RFPs) online.

During the pandemic, in these trying times, many entrepreneurs and organizations must innovate to survive and compete.

At Groupe Shift, we are of the opinion that we should be extremely daring when it comes to technology. Nothing can stop the imagination! And we have recently discovered a new way to respond to requests for proposals (RFPs) online.

The concept is at first sight simple enough: connect buyers and vendors from multiple sectors using a standardized online platform. Currently, the project is in its embryonic stage and it will develop in time. But the concept has drawn the attention of our president, Francis Rondeau.

“The more of us that use this online tool, the more features that can be developed, to the benefit of the users. Technology is evolving. Let’s use it to grow Quebec’s businesses.”

-Francis Rondeau, President, Groupe Shift

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

As president of a young small business, our president is active across numerous business networks throughout the region, as well as across Quebec. For many entrepreneurs, meeting potential clients, partners and vendors is a necessary part of the workday.

As meetings and networking events take up a lot of valuable time, and as the pandemic has limited possibilities for face to face encounters, the arrival of an online request for proposal platform is timely.

SysQuote is an innovative RFP platform that allows our company, as a vendor, to post Groupe Shift’s profile and to respond to RFPs and submit bids online. With a quick glance, it is possible to monitor our most recent requests for proposals and create a company profile that will be seen by all users.

“If every business network brought their members to the platform, imagine the benefits possible and the time saved! By coming together, we could each promote our expertise in one place, while retaining the benefits of our respective networks.”

-Francis Rondeau, President, Groupe Shift

After connecting on SysQuote, the client and vendor can arrange next steps, be it a virtual meeting or an in person meeting (respecting of course the public health measures in place), to decide how they will collaborate.

Groupe Shift encourages you to sign up at sysquote.com. The more users, the more we will grow together! The platform is free and simple to use.

Groupe Shift does not receive any compensation for promoting SysQuote. We are simply sharing a useful discovery that could benefit everyone in our network!

Have an idea in mind for your business?

If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us, we have the expertise it takes to materialize your ideas. Our solutions will allow you to make informed decisions aimed at maximizing your production and reducing your costs.

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