Saving Time at Goûtez Plan B

Group Shift recently completed a major reorganization of production at Goûtez Plan B with the goal of optimizing business performance.

Saving Time at Goûtez Plan B

Group Shift recently completed a major reorganization of production at Goûtez Plan B with the goal of optimizing business performance. Using a simple, efficient application custom designed for the business, Group Shift once again boosted our clients’ profits!

Desiring to be the leader in the meal prep home delivery market, Goûtez Plan B understood the necessity of a high performing system for integrating different parts of its production process. With the aim of preventing errors to customer orders and making production more efficient, our team developed an application accessible to employees on any electronic device (personal computer, tablet, smart phone).

A solution at their fingertips

The application we created allows for efficient organization of recipes and ingredients, automating supplies lists, printing meal labels and validating orders. It also enables the weekly planning of production and in so doing, creates a history of weekly production plans.

The main goal: spend less time on planning and more time focusing on the quality of meals offered.

“I no longer have to be concerned about getting orders wrong as the program automatically checks that the order has been filled accurately. This allows us to be more efficient and to offer a reliable and quality service!”

-Jean-Philippe Brûle, President at Goûtez Plan B

A recipe for success

The application offers more still: the online ordering system is integrated with devices used in production. Customer orders are imported from the online ordering system and are converted into a weekly production schedule. A few clicks is all it takes for the team at Goûtez Plan B to create scrumptious meals! Once they are prepared and packaged, the meals are labeled and sorted. An employee then scans each order received that week. Our application simplifies the production process!

Infinite possibilities

Once the application became part of Goûtez Plan B’s day to day operation, our team continued to look for ways to realize even more advantages. We are currently planning to integrate production with supplier platforms and even for the use of a drone to deliver orders. There is no limit when excellence is the goal!

“The team at Groupe Shift has helped us enormously to save time and to improve our process thanks to their simple and efficient application.”

-Jean-Philippe Brûle, President at Goûtez Plan B

About Goûtez Plan B

Given the hectic pace of daily life, Plan B often becomes your plan A for meals! Plan B specializes in creating meal prep kits for home delivery. Always fresh, never frozen!

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