Groupe Shift develops a new multifonctional web portal for Aubin Pélissier

Groupe Shift is proud of its newest product, a multifunctional web portal entirely redesigned for our client, AubinPélissier.

Bécancour, March 2, 2021 – Groupe Shift is proud of its newest product, a multifunctional web portal entirely redesigned for our client, AubinPélissier. We’re especially proud of our team’s innovative and collaborative approach to the project. Collaboration always pays off!

AubinPélissier, located in Trois-Rivières, offers services in refrigeration, cooling, ventilation, heating and plumbing. The new web portal works with ICC Technologies’ Ogasys program, used internally by AubinPélissier. Based on Groupe Shift’s NEX program, the portal allows AubinPélissier to efficiently calculate estimates for both their commercial and residential services. No more Excel spreadsheets – employees now rely on the easy-to-use application for all tasks related to generating estimates.

Group Shift’s experts also collaborated with business process consultant Richard Tessier, incorporating his organizational change expertise into the final product.

“We developed the web portal to make work easier for the team at AubinPélissier. Our goal is to save them time and money and to reduce data entry work. Our program enables their employees and departments to produce quick and fair estimates for their clients,” explains Group Shift president, Francis Rondeau.

“We have gained greater flexibility and control over project costs by adopting a web application custom-designed to our needs and provided by another local company. Group Shift’s application let’s us carry out our internal operations 15% to 20% faster! Our productivity will increase greatly with even more improvements coming over the following months,” states Dominic Carignan, sales manager at AubinPélissier.

About AubinPélissier

Established in 1955 in Trois-Rivières, AubinPélissier specializes in refrigeration, cooling, ventilation, plumbing and heating in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. AubinPélissier is much more than an equipment provider. They offer an experienced team, expert analysis, design and advice, detail-oriented installations and excellent after-sales service. You can be confident that at all times we are working to provide you with exceptional service. | | 819-376-3725

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