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A new ally joins the Gemba-Walk application

A new ally joins the Gemba Walk app: Kalliope, the ultra-resistant tablets

A new ally joins the Gemba Walk app: Kalliope, the ultra-resistant tablets

Bécancour, August 23, 2021 – Shift Group and Synerforce are very pleased to learn that Concept Numérique, a Shawinigan company, will be part of the team to offer added value to its Gemba Walk floor touring tool.

Digital Concept created Kalliope, ultra-resistant industrial digital tablets. They have the particularity of being able to be used in hostile environments. Resistant to shocks, extreme temperatures or difficult conditions, they meet the needs of workers on construction sites or factories.

Thanks to their long battery life, outstanding strength and affordable price, they are the ideal tool for organizations that want to increase the mobility and productivity of their workers.

Kalliope tablets will complement the Gemba Walk tool for field companies, whether in industry, defence, telecommunications or natural resources.

« Tout comme notre logiciel Gemba, nous nous unissons avec du solide. C’était donc une évidence pour Groupe Shift, Synerforce et Kalliope de s’associer afin de fournir à l’industrie un logiciel et une plateforme solide et durable. Cela vient certainement compléter notre offre concurrentielle » affirme Francis Rondeau, Président de Groupe Shift.​

Gemba Walk is for all companies who want to make the leap to 4.0, opt for continuous improvement and remove the various paper forms to go digital. This shift is an important lever to innovate, be more competitive and export. Indeed, companies will benefit from an improvement in management skills, a decrease in performance gaps, an increase in their productivity, a maximization of their assets, maximized use of the digital tool and commitment of their managers to the digital tool. This also significantly reduces the time required to collect data, allows to document and evaluate the problems encountered, offers real-time visibility of operations, Eliminates barriers between managers and workers and saves considerable time and waste.

In this project, Shift Group is responsible for the development of the application and Synerforce ensures to support them in order to guide customers in their use and in their operational approach with their users.

Digital Concept, which has just celebrated its 15 years of existence, is the creator of Kalliope’s ultra-resistant industrial digital tablets. Created in 2009, they are the designers of the only tablets to be developed in a country used to extreme working conditions. Kalliope industrial tablets perfectly meet the challenges of workers working in difficult environments.

conceptnumerique.com | info@conceptnumerique.com | 819-601-1121​

The Synerforce team focuses on developing management skills and improving the various internal processes in order to support companies in their desire to evolve their work culture into continuous improvement. Our team helps propel our clients towards achieving their business results by developing human capital.

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Shift Group was founded by a group of computer technology professionals specializing in the industrial and manufacturing sector. Located in Bécancour in Centre-du-Québec, the company’s mission is to offer businesses, large and small, the means to achieve their ambitions. Thanks to our expertise in technology and process management, we are more than technicians.

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