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Full stack developer

(Currently no position available, but we accept spontaneous applications, try your luck!)

The developer in you is not afraid to work in a playful context with recent and robust technologies. At Groupe Shift you will have the chance to get involved and change our perception of technologies, concepts and infrastructures.

Being a developer at Shift means:

• Developers who understand and apply Clean Architecture and Micro Services;

• The use of cross-platform technology .Net Core, EFCore;

• Work with VueJS, Typescript and Tailwind front-end stack;

• Recognized tools: JetBrains Rider, VS Code, Visual Studio;

• Implementation of robust SQL / MySQL database;

• Compliance with the SOLID and KISS principles and the Clean Code;

• An interest in DevOps, cloud technologies (Azure) and infrastructure;

• A large-scale SaaS project using multi-tenancy and a diversified infrastructure;

• It is also the continuous training of the team allowing technological evolution.

At Groupe Shift, you will evolve in a multidisciplinary context, where you will play a leading role in project planning. You will help establish the vision and architecture of the projects.

Your daily life will look like this:

The achievement of objectives for our clients in addition to ensuring performance. You will be able to get involved in operations so that they are delivered on time and on budget;

• Participate in the growth of the team by presenting new concepts and ideas through the use of your critical and creative mind and your curiosity.

• Participate in the improvement of processes based on the approach of Clean code, Clean Architecture, CI/CD, DevOPS and Agile (Scrum/Kanban/Scrumban).

Dynamic & comfortable atmosphere

• We offer you coffee & breakfast; the most important meal of the day to start off on the right foot;

• An open-plan office promoting teamwork (and being at the forefront of the best jokes);

• A new laptop that can be taken home for teleworking;

Ergonomic desks and work equipment (as a bonus, we offer you $50 when you arrive if you ever need a tech accessory that would allow you to work better);

• Evaluation How are you in your heart every 4 months to ensure that you are well in your role, in the company, with your colleagues and your manager. A time when you can say anything, without judgment and where all ideas will be heard;

• A dynamic company with which it is good to laugh and which thrives on challenges!

Flexibility & autonomy

• At Shift, family, your personal life and your health come first! At any time, if you need it, we offer you 5 days of paid floating holidays;

• Works days/evenings/weekends, office/home. You decide your schedule!

• You are completely trusted. We love the new suggestions that allow us to question ourselves and move forward. We have an open-minded team where everyone’s strengths and ideas are used to their full potential.


• Every week, you could win the Shift Cup, a trophy awarded to an employee who has distinguished himself for his performance and/or his positive attitude at work and towards his peers;

• After 3 months, you will have access to a Battlepass, a rewards program based on your number of years of service (For example: paid leave on your birthday, objects/clothing bearing the effigy of Groupe Shift, gifts-cards, training, bonuses, an amount to spend on your health, a paid cell phone plan, etc.);

• Curious to know your performance, sprint after sprint? Our Metascore tool will allow you to see your statistics, rank you among your peers and above all improve your skills! The winner of each season will win a very special gift! (Do you see how we are a bit geeky?);

• A Social Club that organizes free activities for you every month (5 to 7, gaming and board game evenings, outdoor and family days, Christmas party, social involvement days, etc.)

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