Every story has a beginning

This story of growing hand in hand with our client Acti-Sol/Groupe Inovo is exactly the kind of relationship Groupe Shift looks for with our clients.

This story of growing hand in hand with our client Acti-Sol/Groupe Inovo is exactly the kind of relationship Groupe Shift looks for with our clients.

It all started with a meeting to discuss what solutions Groupe Shift could bring to the building of a new factory in Drummondville. The construction project was a partnership between Groupe Inovo (Acti-Sol) and Groupe Legault (Magasins Mondou), two family businesses looking to upgrade their operations.

Following several meetings, the companies were interested in the SAP software as they were already using this software in one of their factories and it was simpler for them to continue with a program that was already in use. While this meant Groupe Shift didn’t receive the contract at this time, our team was not about to give up!

A Software Customised For The Shipping Department

We drew the attention of Acti-Sol who thought of Groupe Shift when looking for ways to improve their shipping department operations. Easy to use and meeting the initial requirements, the software developed by our team was adapted in line with our client’s evolving needs. The custom software optimized employees’ work in the shipping department improving the creation of shipping forms, carrier management, site management, delivery planning and more.

Shifting Into Other Departments

With the shipping department software operational, Dominic Leblanc, director of finances at Groupe Inovo, and his team, immediately saw the benefits of our efforts. The efficiencies realized in the shipping department resonated with the other departments in Acti-Sol’s factory in Bedford. Groupe Shift then expanded the application of the software to business administration and to tracking operations. Today, we continue to develop the software in line with the evolving needs of the business and to expand its application across various departments as the business grows.

This story of growing hand in hand with Acti-Sol/Groupe Inovo represents exactly the kind of relationship Group Shift strives for with our clients. In the beginning, our professionals complete an analysis to determine the clients’ needs and Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Then, after our software is operational, we propose and develop other applications on an ongoing basis in order to improve the profitability of our clients.

“Speedy communication, quality service and attentive to our needs: the team at Groupe Shift met all our expectations. This is what you can expect when you hire their services!”

-Dominic Leblanc, Director of Finances, Groupe Inovo

About Acti-Sol

Acti-Sol is a family business founded in 1995 by the Désilets family. At the time, the Désilets were looking for an environmentally conscious and durable solution for dispensing 3000 tons of chicken manure generated by their egg farm. Knowing well the benefits of chicken manure fertilizer, the family looked for ways to support Quebec’s gardeners. They developed and put in place a unique technology to recover, dry and treat this natural waste and transform it into a commercial product useful for horticulture. In this way they created a type of garden fertilizer that is efficient, ecological and safe: a natural fertilizer sourced from the manure of laying hens, suitable for organic agriculture.

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