shift. iop – Integrated Order Portal

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shift. iop – Integrated Order Portal
What does shift .iop do?

IOP is a web-based portal that facilitates and optimizes the monitoring of your production by your clients. IOP offers a multitude of features that allow your customers to follow the progress of their orders within your production environment.

It provides visibility into a variety of relevant information including WIP, finished inventory and claims. It also provides access to your invoices, documents, etc. Users can customize their main page to allow them access to the information they feel is most relevant.

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  • Dashboard
  • Live Support
  • Customizable lists
  • Control Panel

Live Support

Customizable lists

Control Panel

shift. iop advantages

For Customers

  • Access to their information in real time.
  • Quick access to the history of their order.
  • Easy answers to their questions.
  • Graphs to illustrate their information.
  • Better monitoring of their orders and progress.

For Providers

  • Provides a competitive edge by improving the customers’ experience.
  • Easy and flexible integration with existing systems.
  • Advanced technology, security applications and continuously updated.
  • Automated customer communications.
  • Minimum Initial Investment.
“IOP allows us to offer our customers more significant earnings. Without adding additional resources, our customers can obtain vital information in real time. It saves time and money while increasing customer satisfaction.”
Rachel Ford, Ste-Foy Qc

Get .iop for your business now.

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  • Free hosting for the first 3 months
  • More aggressive hourly rate
  • Flexibility in the distribution of payments
  • Down limited initial background
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